Electrical stapler for blister stapling,        with 32 cm throat
  • Products to staple with length greater than 10 mm as cardboard strips with snacks, fried foods, etc.

  • Stapling of blisters, snacks, party and craft items, payroll receipts, dust covers, chemicals, etc.


  • Very easy to use.

  • Just connect and ready.

  • Savings compared to other packaging systems.

  • Fast and efficient

  • It form staples from round wire

  • Economic Consumable (One 5 lb. roll yields 60,000 staples).

  • Works in a simple and soft way.

  • It´s a machine for high production


Long: 200 mm

Width: 400 mm

High: 440 mm

Weight: 25 kg

Throat depth:  320 mm

Motor:  110 Volts


Capacity: 270 staples per minute.

Serie: BAS-25G5 (Wire gauge. 25)

Crown: 4.5 mm.

Lenght: 4.5 mm


6 months in all its parts

Spare parts kit available

  • Available with "Touch" system, which replaces the pedal with a button.

  • When the product to be stapled makes contact, the machine staples.